FAQ - questions and answers.

Is it important to disinfect one’s hands in the kitchen, and if so, which detergent does HAGLEITNER offer here?

According to HACCP guidelines, hands should be cleaned after impure work or after visiting the toilet and, if necessary, hands should also be disinfected. We recommend septDES FOAM in the toilet area, which cleans and disnfects. For the kitchen, we recommend septLIQUID PLUS, an alcohol hand sanitizer. All products can be dispensed in a hygienic manner via touchless XIBU dispensers (soap dispenser, disinfectant dispenser).

What is personal hygiene?

Every person is covered and surrounded by countless micro-organisms. To prevent them from entering in food, certain rules must be followed. The body must be washed daily, the hair every one to two days. Fingernails must be clean and must not be painted during the work. Jewelry and watches are also taboo during work.

If you have diarrhea and vomiting, you may have no contact with food. For skin infections and severe colds, you must see a doctor. Injuries are to be covered with a waterproof dressing, for example with a finger cot. Follow the examination according to the bacillus excretor law.

Wear a hat while working and keep your work shoes clean.
Work and leisure clothes as well as shoes must be strictly separated. Your protective clothing (jacket, pants, skirt, ...) should be changed regularly. If something is dirty, you need to clean it quickly. Always wash your work garb in the cooking program of your washing machine.

Why are paper towels the most hygienic option?

Paper towels not only dry your hands thoroughly and efficiently, they also remove the last remnants of bacteria, dirt and dander. In many studies, such as one from the University of Westminster, it was proven that the number of nuclei is reduced by up to 90 percent. In contrast, the number of adherent bacteria increased on the hands by utilizing a jet air dryer. In normal warm air drying it increased with an average of 115 to 478 percent even significantly.

How do I wash my hands properly?

Washing hands properly is part of daily hygiene and is important to prevent diseases: First, wash your hands with water. Then soap them thoroughly. In addition to the palms, back and fingertips, you must not forget the finger gaps. Rinse hands thoroughly. Now you have to dry your hands with a disposable paper towel.

We use the disinfection dispenser XIBU senseDISINFECT in our doctor's rooms. Is it listed on the DGHM list for hygienic and chirugical hand disinfection?

Our product septLIQUID SENSITIVE is listed for hygienic hand disinfection according to ÖGHMP and DGHM / VAH. Seeing as only viruses are rapidly becoming an issue, we recommend one of our virucidal hand disinfectants, like for example sept LIQUID PLUS.