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Hygiene works: Disinfectant is there, paper is there, soap is there,
skin protection is there, room fragrance is there, cleaning agent is there. Hygiene is efficient
and wants to remain documented.

360° hygiene
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We want to support you - best of all with a 360° tour.  This enables us to develop customised hygiene solutions for your business as well as to recommend what you truly need.
That helps you make the best decisions.

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360° hygiene

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Some things have to stand the test of time
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With our products, quality starts to work – opening up a lot of scope for development and action: Do you want your own skin protection plan? According to PPE regulations? Your own cleaning plan? Meeting HACCP requirements? Your own chemical cleaning and disinfection plan?


Discover us. And discover with us what innovative hygiene is all about: to benefit you. You individually. Like no-one else.

Dispensers for workshops and industry

Skin protection data


Oil, grease, paint, varnish, adhesive, dust and soot are difficult to wash off the hands. Hand hygiene may also be practical and pleasant in the workshop; the bucket of hand washing paste is not only cumbersome but also unhygienic.

That’s why Hagleitner’s abrasive soaps come in a touch-free dispenser; it can be mounted on the wall above the washbasin. 

Power supply. You decide.
For example: li-ion rechargeable battery with integrated capacity display

Skin diseases account for the majority of occupational illnesses. Application data helps to identify weak spots and to promote skin protection in the workplace.

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Cost control
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What Hagleitner offers

  • Excellent service
  • Professionally trained hygiene advisers
  • Sustainable hygiene solutions for the future
  • Always be one step ahead of the rest with Hagleitner
  • Improving hygiene every day

Eco-friendly. Efficient. Individual.
People responsible for hygiene know why.

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Hygiene connects people
Service connects people

Hagleitner delivers this service in person: promptly, reliably, professionally and excellently. Digitalisation, efficiency and sustainability thus go hand in hand, because quality cannot be compromised.