Hagleitner Hygiene
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Hagleitner designs hygiene: cleaning, disinfectant and care products, cosmetics – plus dispensers, dosing units and apps. The products are made in Zell am See in Austria. This is where Hagleitner has its headquarters and it is where research, development, and production take place. At the same time, the company operates consulting, sales, logistics and training facilities at 27 locations in twelve European countries. Products are also available in 66 countries worldwide through partners.

Hagleitner’s range of products is geared towards companies and public institutions with the hagi brand aimed at private customers.

Hagleitner employs around 1,300 people in total. The group of companies achieved a turnover of 155.8 million euros from April 2022 to March 2023, with exports accounting for 44 per cent.

Made in Austria

Three manufacturing areas are combined in Zell am See:

  • The chemical-technical part produces hygiene products. These are disinfectants, including medical products. Soap, shower gel, moisturiser and body lotion are also produced here. Hagleitner makes professional cleaning, laundry, care and dishwashing products – as well as room fragrances.
  • The paper plant transforms raw paper into hygienic paper to make toilet paper and paper towels.
  • High tech comes into its own in the dispenser design, the devices delivering hygiene as well as data. Hygiene means soap, paper, skin care, disinfection, cleaners, room fragrance; data means amount dispensed, filling level, and energy status. The plastic components for constructing the dispensers come from next door, 25 metres away, formed by the company’s own injection moulding plant.

Research and knowledge

Hagleitner runs its own chemical laboratory on site. Hagleitner designs future devices on site. Hagleitner creates digital applications on site; hygiene needs to be configurable, and information and knowledge need to be retrievable.

Speaking of knowledge: The in-house academy organises training courses and seminars; the offer extends to customers, partners, and employees alike.


Hagleitner Hygiene has been around since 1971 and is still firmly in family hands. Hans Georg Hagleitner took over his father Johann’s business in 1988 and has managed operations ever since. Today, Hans Georg’s daughters Katharina and Stefanie also hold managerial positions: Katharina manages the business in Italy and controls numerous sales agendas; Stefanie heads product management and is responsible for the consumer brand hagi.


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