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Hagleitner provides 360° hygiene solutions: Cleaning and disinfection products, cosmetics along with associated dispensers, dosing devices and Apps. The products are made in Austria, more specifically in Zell am See. This is where Hagleitner has its headquarters; this is where research, development and production take place. Every other subsidiary is a commercial & delivery center. The company currently operates such centers at 27 locations in twelve different European countries. Beyond this, Hagleitner products are also available in 66 countries worldwide through distribution partners.

What "Hagleitner" brand offers is intended for companies and public institutions, whereas the "hagi" brand directly targets private customers.

Hagleitner employs a total of 1,314 people; according to the figures of the second pandemic year, April 2021 to March 2022, the groups’ turnover for the duration was €133.3 Million, out of which  export accounts for 43.3% of the revenues.

Made in Austria

Three manufacturing divisions are consolidated in Zell am See:

  • The chemical-technical division produces hygiene products. These include disinfectants and medical products. Soap, shower gel, cream and body lotion are also part of the product range here. Hagleitner manufactures professional cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing products, as well as air fresheners.
  • The paper plant convers raw mother-rolls into hygiene paper: Tissue & Towel paper.
  • A special high-tech process born at Hagleitner is employed in the dispenser manufacturing. The units dispense both "hygiene" and "data". Hygiene refers to soap, paper, skin care, disinfection, cleaning agents, and Air-fresheners. “Data” means dispensed volume or quantity, fill level or energy status. The plastic components for the dispenser assembly come from a ground Silo 25 meters next door, and the company's own injection molding facility forms them into their final shapes.

Research and know-how

Hagleitner runs a chemical laboratory right in its headquarters’ premises & designs future devices on the same site. Hagleitner develops digital applications & tools which allow for “configurable Hygiene” and retrievable Information and know-how.

Speaking of knowledge: The in-house academy organizes training courses and seminars; the offer aims to reach customers, partners and employees alike.


Hagleitner Hygiene has been in operation since 1971, and the company is firmly in the hands of a family. Hans Georg Hagleitner took over the business from his father Johann in 1988 and has managed the company ever since. Hans Georg's daughters Katharina and Stefanie play a leading role in 2022: Katharina manages the Italian business; Stefanie is responsible for the product portfolio as well as for the consumer brand "hagi".

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