Washroom hygiene
system dispensers for your establishment

In the washroom, one thing counts above all: paper, soap and the like should always be available. To ensure this, Hagleitner has developed

· a hybrid dispenser series,
· a digital tool for dispenser and hygiene data management and
· its own dispenser app.

XIBU hybrid dispensers not only provide
· toilet paper,
· paper towels,
· foam soap,
· cream soap and hand lotion,
· room scent,
· hand sanitiser,
· toilet seat sanitiser,
· toilet paper moistener and
· skin care products,

but also application data, as standard, on consumption, fill level, energy status and service requirements. The information can be viewed in real time on the smartphone, laptop and PC. The Hagleitner360 app allows individual dispenser settings to be made as required.


XIBU hybrid dispensers can do both: tramsmit & receive data.

Transmitting data
One look at the smartphone is enough to view all dispenser data: Where is the refill running low? What about the rechargeable battery? The dispensers notify in a good time when there is a need for action. Innovative reserve systems then provide enough time to replace paper, soap, etc., so that hygiene is always guaranteed. In addition, work can be more focused: Unnecessary service trips and set-up times are a thing of the past.

Receiving data
Should the dispenser dispense the towel paper quickly or slowly? Should the room scent be dispensed according to working hours or motion-controlled? Three millilitres of hand sanitiser or individually adapted to your needs? Dispenser settings can be made as needed via a smartphone.

Dispenses refills

and data

XIBU hybrid

Simple. Smart. Always.

Touchless & invisible dispensers
XIBU hybrid invisible: Installation behind mirrors and walls ∙ Installation in (mirrored) cabinets

The dispenser itself remains hidden from view, it is invisible and yet there – just like the data it transmits. The dispenser provides digital details about itself, informing about dispensing quantity, fill level, usage and energy status; with a Gateway, it even transmits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Installation diagrams


Sanitary bin

Hand sanitiser

Paper towel dispenser

Soap & lotion dispenser

Toilet paper dispenser

Toilet dispenser

Scent dispenser



Air freshener

The right scent – at the right time with digital refill status.