Liquid detergent components:

For the scope of the automatic dosing system, the havon PROFESSIONAL provides eight detergent blocks that you can combine as required. This lets you tackle any laundry challenge. This laundering concept creates clean, environmentally friendly washing results - while still allowing for green efficiency and efficient dosing.

Powerful pumps.

The speed-controlled, high-performance pumps conform to the size of the machine and thus ensure optimum results and low consumption.

Economical system.

A single dosing system can supply up to four washing machines. This saves you time, space and money.

Individual setting.

Each machine has its own control unit. With the display on the machine, you can observe at any time whether the havon CONTROL system is running smoothly. Vacancy levels or system failures are displayed immediately.


low energy consumption

green efficiency



havon PROFESSIONAL includes eight detergent blocks that you can combine as required.


Our color coding system makes the canister replacement easy and secure. Consistent color markings prevent confusion.

havon T7, for example, guarantees a full disinfection effect without producing unpleasant vapors. It fully complies with the European Biocide Regulation.



*According to EU 2019/1148, havon E4 is an explosives precursor which falls under the European Union Regulation. It is not for sale to private customers. Sale is only possible with a completed customer statement. Hagleitner will send you a pre-filled customer statement. This is to be signed by a legal representative of your company and returned to Hagleitner.