The Lärchenhof
We equipped the following areas: washroom-/kitchen-/laundry-/janitorialHYGIENE

Optimal detergent dosage: Daily 6 washing machines are supplied with the precisely coordinated amount of detergent via 2 havon  CONTROL dosing systems.

The Lärchenhof is a luxurious 5-star-hotel in an idyllic setting in Erpfendorf, only 17 km from Kitzbühel. The traditional house was continuously expanded since 1968, has nowadays 126 rooms and offers space for up to 350 guests. It includes a gourmet-restaurant as well as a huge fitness- and wellness-area.

Many guests come back here again and again. The reason for their loyalty sometimes is their need for hygiene, which is perfectly fulfilled here. As a professional hygiene partner, HAGLEITNER supports the hotel Der Lärchenhof with a complete hygiene concept.



Nena Brcina has been housekeeper in the Lärchenhof for 22 years and praises the cooperation with HAGLEITNER:

"No matter what the problem is: One call to the hygiene advisor and it gets done. If I have any questions about stains, Christian is always ready to help. Or if I forgot something when ordering. That works smoothly."



The public washrooms were equipped with the touch-free foam soap, paper towel, disinfectant and scent dispensers of the XIBU product line.

In the kitchen, the degreasing cleaner RADIKALIN is being used. It removes greasy residue from the stove tops. When it comes to machine dishwashing, the company relies on the ecosol PROFESSIONAL liquid dosing system. It optimally adjusts the dosage of glassware and dishwashing detergents to the dishwasher, the water change and the washing time. Clean dishes and radiant shine are the result.

In the laundry cleaning business, the hotel Der Lärchenhof decided in favor of the dosing system havon PROFESSIONAL. Housekeeper Nena Brcina ecplaind the reason:

"We used to wash with powder. The detergent dosing system is much easier to handle and more accurate in dosage. We wash a lot of laundry: table linens, cooking jackets, cooking rags, terry toweling, cleaning rags, practically everything. Our washing laundry-machines run daily from 6:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. I have 16 chamber housekeeping-maids and when they are done with the rooms, six of them work in the laundry – washing, ironing and folding. In order for them to make fast progress, everything has to be perfect when washing. The dosing system helps us to save time, as the maids do not have to dose the detergent themselves and the laundry gets clean."

For floor cleaning, among other things we use the alcohol cleaner hacoALCOHOL, which dries quickly and leaves a streak-free, deep shine. When cleaning the bathrooms, the bath and shower cleaner easySPRAY, the sanitary cleaner perlGLANZ and the glass cleaner glasEFFEKT are used. The all-purpose cleaner essigREINIGER is also used and enjoys great popularity.

"The essigREINIGER is the favorite cleaning agent of my  housekeeping staff. They use it to clean the entire bathroom – except for the mirrors and the floor, of course,” says Nena Brcina, housekeeper.

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havon FS

Whether make-up stains on the terry towelling, lipstick stains on napkins or pumpkin seed oil stains on the table linen; with the stain remover spray havon FS grease and oil-containing dirt are easily removed.

Hygiene advisor Christian Pichler and housekeeper Nena Brcina



dosing system for laundry detergent



Environmental friendly detergents, precise dosage, simple operation


Hand sanitizer dispenser