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Sanitary hygiene.

What can I do against calcium deposits in my bathroom?

We recommend easySPRAY or sanitary 2GO for removing soap scum in the shower. Both are liquid bath and shower cleaners for everyday use. Effortlessly remove lime, dirt and soap scum even in hard to reach places and ensure radiant shine and cleanliness without scrubbing. For stubborn dirt, we recommend starting with basic cleaning using pearlSHINE or sanitary ECO. Do not use on marble.

Our water is very hard or very strongly calcareous. How do I clean our toilets properly so that I prevent calcium deposits?

With perlSHINE. The product contains water repellent components through which the water runs off quickly and cannot form calcium deposits. However, you need to use it on a daily basis to achieve this. Caution: perlSHINE is acidic and removes lime. Please do not use the cleaner on acid-sensitive surfaces such as marble.

How do I remove limescale from my shower tray?

Lime deposits are best removed from sanitary surfaces with perlSHINE. If you use this product regularly, it will prevent new deposits. For heavy lime deposits in sanitary facilities we recommend UROPHEN. Attention: This product is a basic cleaner. It is not suitable for daily cleaning. Please read the product information and labeling before using.

How can I remove urine stains from toilets?

Apply UROPHEN thin on the soiled areas or pour it into the WC bowl. Allow to react for a short time. Then clean with toilet brush and rinse. To prevent the buildup of urine stains, we recommend you brush daily with pearlSHINE or sanitary eco. More cleaning tips can be found in our stains guide.

Is there a way to clean clogged toilet pipes (organic waste) by adding chemicals?

Yes, with our active drain cleaner X PRESS. It removes even the most stubborn blockages and deposits caused by hair, lime soap, fat, vegetables and leftovers both quickly and effectively. X PRESS removes long-lasting unpleasant odors without attacking the pipes. Another plus: There are no hazardous vapors. More about our drain cleaner under sanitary cleaning.

How do I prevent limescale in the bath and in the shower tray?

Lime scale can be prevented by regularly using perlSHINE or easySPRAY. Both products ensure that no water remains on the surface. perlSHINE also removes existing scale deposits.