Never empty
Dual-roll system

Paper towel dispenser

Paper needs to be available at all times – even during a power cut. That’s why Hagleitner invented the XIBU TOWEL analog. The dispenser is able to dispense paper manually: with high quality maintained.

The XIBU TOWEL analog is extremely reliable when it comes to handling a challenge, providing not only paper, but also dependability. Hagleitner has been constructing dispensers for more than 30 years and this series is truly a masterpiece in design. What is the only thing that still actively needs doing? Refilling the paper. Other than that, the job’s done. Just enjoy.

Sheet cutting

The dispenser always provides paper cut to precisely 240 mm. This means the sheet can be pulled out cleanly and easily by hand.

Check fill level
at a glance

If the current paper roll is used up and the second one has dropped down automatically, the display in the side opening will turn red. This indicates that there is free space in the dispenser for the reserve roll.

thanks to the XIBU key

If a toilet is publicly accessible, there is always the risk of theft, including toilet paper. This means that XIBU dispensers can only be opened with the special XIBU key.

Dispenser can only be opened with a XIBU key

second roll drops down

can be used anywhere

ABS plastic


The XIBU dispenser housing is made of antistatic, impact-resistant ABS plastic and is therefore particularly durable and dimensionally stable.

Dual-roll system

never empty

When the current roll is empty, the second drops down automatically. This leaves enough time to insert a new roll at the top. This means paper is available at all times.

1000 designs


The dispenser front panel is available in black or white. For side panels in a matt, uniform look, there are 213 RAL colours available. Alternatively, there are over 800 patterns – from leopard print to walnut wood, through to green marble and camouflage. Virtually any pattern imaginable is available.



Paper towels are available in various thicknesses and styles, some of them have been awarded the EU Ecolabel – the international quality seal for particularly environmentally friendly products.