on skin and materials

Toilet seat disinfection & data

"Whether in a restaurant, at the doctor, in a swimming pool, at school or on a construction site: wherever sanitary areas are heavily used, XIBU SEAT DISINFECT is a very welcome accessory. The dispenser is mounted on the wall behind the toilet and automatically dispenses the correct amount of disinfectant for the toilet seat. Use the toilet paper to distribute the product on the toilet seat and then flush the paper away in the toilet without any need to worry.

The consistency of the disinfectant is especially practical: The dispenser provides compact foam. The foam rests on the toilet paper without soaking it. The paper doesn't tear during the application process."

Two in one
cleaning and disinfecting

Clean and disinfect the toilet seat in just one go. The toilet seat can be used immediately. Not only does this ensure safety for every user, but it also helps to maintain the high quality of the washroom.



The alcohol-free surface disinfection is dispensed touch-free – and independent expert reports attest to the excellent disinfecting effect and skin compatibility.


Hold the toilet paper of choice under the dispenser and the disinfectant foam is applied without touching it. Clean and disinfect the toilet seat all in one go: leaving you to get on with your business right away.

For a clean toilet seat

For the highest possible hygiene

Installing refills

Three power options

Power supply, energyBOX, battery

The XIBU FLUID hybrid draws power either via a power supply, via energyBOX or via battery. The power pack connects the dispenser directly to the mains power supply. The energyBOX combines battery power, supplying the device with power for a longer period. The li-ion battery with integrated capacity display is rechargeable, making it very environmentally friendly.

Live checks

A glance at your smartphone is all it takes

Valuable dispenser data are immediately available: information about fill levels, energy supply and service require.

1000 designs


The dispenser front panel is available in black or white. For side panels in a matt, uniform look, there are 213 RAL colours available. Alternatively, there are over 800 patterns – from leopard print to walnut wood, through to green marble and camouflage. Virtually any pattern imaginable is available,




Independent reports prove the outstanding disinfectant effect and skin friendliness of the wcDISINFECT foam.


The product fully complies with the European Biocide Regulation, is alcohol-free – and is therefore especially gentle on materials, as well as free from parabens and silicone – meaning it offers a high level of skin compatibility.