Extremely long-lasting
up to 2,000 doses*

Foam soap & data
XIBU FOAM hybrid

"The hybrid dispenser delivers silky soft foam soap without contact. At the same time, the device transmits application data: How many doses have been dispensed so far? How much foam soap is left? What about the power status? This information can be viewed at any time via the XIBU app.

The amount of foam dispensed can be set with the XIBU FOAM hybrid – via the XIBU app. In addition, the dispenser has a reserve tank. This leaves enough time to replace the used filling with a new one. This complete emptying process means that no foam is wasted. The housing is lockable and made of impact-resistant, anti-static ABS plastic."

2,000 doses*
extremely long-lasting

A refill dispenses up to 2,000 doses of foam soap depending on the set delivery quantity.

95 % less waste
thanks to the vacuum

The patented vacuum bag from Hagleitner is 60 percent lighter than standard soap refills. As the contents of the vacuumBAG empty, the bag shrinks to about ten percent of its original volume. A standard waste container can hold over one million vacuumBAGs. As a result, up to 95 percent less waste is generated than with comparable products.

Three power options
Power supply, energyBOX, battery

The XIBU FOAM hybrid draws power either via a power supply, via energyBOX or via battery. The power pack connects the dispenser directly to the mains power supply. The energyBOX combines battery power, supplying the device with power for a longer period. The li-ion battery with integrated capacity display is rechargeable, making it very environmentally friendly.

never empty


For the highest possible hygiene


You can choose from high-quality foam soaps for every need: free of fragrance and colourant for sensitive hands, or disinfecting for sensitive areas such as kitchens and health facilities.

All products are dermatologically tested, free of parabens and allergenic substances.

Awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel. Our septDES series cleans and disinfects in one step and fully complies with the European Biocide Regulation.