Disinfect hands
With gel

Hand disinfection & data

While the hybrid dispenser delivers hand disinfectant gel without contact, it also transmits information: on consumption, fill level and service requirements. This data can be called up via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. How often has the dispenser in the entrance area been used? How much disinfectant has been dispensed each time? In the Hagleitner Hygiene Portal, users have the option to generate statistics and analyse hygiene data systematically. This makes hygiene plannable and documentable – for maximum safety.

Hygiene monitoring
for improved compliance

To protect guests safely, it is important to identify sensitive key points in the building and to provide dispensers for hand disinfection there. The XIBU DISINFECT hybrid counts each dispenser actuation and also shows how much disinfectant has been dispensed per usage. Being able to record and evaluate this hygiene data makes it possible to implement targeted measures to improve hygiene compliance. 

Three power options
Power supply, energyBOX, battery

The XIBU DISINFECT GEL hybrid draws power either via a power supply, via energyBOX or via battery. The power pack connects the dispenser directly to the mains power supply. The energyBOX combines battery power, supplying the device with power for a longer period. The li-ion battery with integrated capacity display is rechargeable, making it very environmentally friendly.

1000 colours & patterns
XIBU Designer

Hagleitner allows you to design your own hygiene dispenser as you prefer. The dispenser front panel is available in two colours: White and Black. The side parts can be adapted to all XIBU hybrid and analog dispensers in a wide-ranging palette. There is a choice of over 1000 designs available. The online configurator shows what's possible: xibudesigner.com


never empty

easy to use



A disinfectant is not a fly swatter. To ensure effectiveness, appropriate expert reports are required. Emollients and humectants are important to prevent the skin from drying out.

All hand disinfectants from Hagleitner are ÖGHMP and VAH certified, they comply with the biocide regulation; dermatologically tested and exceptionally skin-friendly. They are free from silicone, parabens, petrol and dyes and do not contain any chlorine compounds or phosphoric acid.

The soap-free formulation maintains the skin's natural acid mantle and has an optimal pH value.