Feel-good factor
without propellant

Room scent & data

"The hybrid dispenser envelops every room in a pleasant fragrance. At the same time, it transmits data – on the fill level, power status and service requirements.

The selection offers not only eight different feel-good fragrances, but also dispenser settings: This means the XIBU app allows both the scent intensity and the operating time of the dispenser to be adapted to individual needs, preferences and circumstances."

2,750 doses
extremely long-lasting

A refill releases a pleasant scent up to 2,750 times.

1000 designs

The dispenser front panel is available in black or white. For side panels in a matt, uniform look, there are 213 RAL colours available. Alternatively, there are over 800 patterns – from leopard print to walnut wood, through to green marble and camouflage. Virtually any pattern imaginable is available,

Three power options
Power supply, energyBOX, battery

The XIBU AIRFRESH hybrid draws power either via a power supply, via energyBOX or via battery. The power pack connects the dispenser directly to the mains power supply. The energyBOX combines battery power, supplying the device with power for a longer period. The li-ion battery with integrated capacity display is rechargeable, making it very environmentally friendly.

Dispenser can only be opened with a XIBU key

easy to use

Adjustable, e.g. after movement


It is possible to choose from eight different room fragrances, which have been specially designed for different areas of use: for sanitary areas, entrance rooms, bars & lounges, seminar rooms, healthcare areas, shopping spaces and many more. None of the scents requires any propellant.