Dosing device for commercial dishwashers
integral COMPACT

The integral COMPACT system is the perfect combination of concentrated detergents, dosing mechanisms and innovative electronics for commercial dishwashers. Intelligent dispensers in combination with sustainable cleaners meet all requirements of modern hygiene management in the kitchen. The new dosing generation is modular and can be expanded with any liquid system components. The result: sparkling clean dishes at significantly lower washing and cleaning costs.
These are the advantages of the system:

  • Efficient and economical dishwashing

  • Excellent washing performance

  • Supports the self-cleaning process of the dishwasher

  • No remnants are left behind in the containers

  • Exact dosage

  • Handy container sizes

  • Easy storage

  • Use of sustainable raw materials for the green efficiency concept

  • No unnecessary transport of water and, consequently, active environmental protection

Modular system

You can coordinate up to four compact and four liquid dosing units with a single control unit.

Self-learning technology

The FUZZY LOGIC system permanently optimizes the dosage. Fluctuations in the water supply, temperature and chemical dispensing are immediately balanced out.

Perfect service

Our technicians maintain your dishwashers regularly. They determine the water hardness, analyze the kitchen costs and determine the dosage settings so that the procedures are environmentally friendly and economical. This ensures optimum washing results.


low power consumption

EU-Ecolabel certified


Our highly concentrated dishwashing detergent and rinse aids guarantee optimal washing results. Depending on the water hardness, our engineers determine the best rinsing components for your individual needs.


With ecosol CLEAN, we offer, for the first time, a powerful concentrated detergent that has been awarded the EU and Austrian Ecolabels as an environmentally friendly product.

The renunciation of health and environmentally hazardous raw materials is at the heart of green efficiency. Therefore, all dosing detergents listed here are purposefully free of NTA, EDTA and phosphates.

The dishwashing disinfectant ecosol CLEAN DES has a high bactericidal effect and fully complies with the European Biocide Regulation.