Dosing system for the professional scullery:
integral 4PLUS

Stress-free cleaning.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Imagine: your scullery is working alone. With the best results for dishes and glasses - without interruptions. Brilliant - without incidents. How do you like this idea? Hagleitner likes it. That is the reason because Hagleitner invented integral 4PLUS: a dosing System - so intelligent, that all troubles are gone.

integral 4PLUS combines highly concentrated cleaner for dishes and glasses, highly concentrated rinse-aid and an innovative dosing system. In addition to this we have a brand new app with which you can easily prevent interruptions.

That means Hagleitner with highly concentrated chemistry:

4 kg

That is how many liquid cleaner is needed to clean up to 1,500 baskets full of pots, pans, plates, cutlery and glasses.


Wall or under-the-counter mounting.


Only one cleaner: for dishes and glasses.


The Hagleitner App gives you the assurance of clean dishes - without interruptions.


4 kg of cleaner are able to clean up to 1,500 baskets - thanks to a patented formula.

Highly concentrated.

Less weight, less effort - more space in your storage area.

Properly measured.

Water and cleaning agents are mixed in the correct proportions.

Never empty.

A reserve tank gives autonomy.


integral 4PLUS makes product mix-ups impossible, with the use of RFID technology.

Less weight, less effort - more space in your storage area

Product mix-ups are impossible

Stress-free cleaning
The app acts before something happens

Stress-free cleaning thanks to the integral 4PLUS App
The app acts before something happens.

Always ready to use.

Is service required?
The app notifies you.

Informed on time.

Is the cleaner running out? 
Or the desalination?

Small problems? Just wipe them up.

Small problems?
Just wipe them up.

Crystal clear facts.

How many dishes are washed? How much
chemical volume does it consume? How much water  and energy is used?

Full control.

Even via a PDF. Current – with all values. It lands in your e-mail inbox.

Looking ahead.

Compare one time period to another to plan for the future more efficiently.

Any questions?

The washing guide has tips for you.

Try it for yourself.


Here you can try the integral 4PLUS app.



Here you can download th integral 4PLUS App for Android and iOS.



You need more information about integral 4PLUS?

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Our highly concentrated cleaners ecosol POWER, ecosol POWER ALU and ecosol POWER OSMO GL have been awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.