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For immediate use


For immediate use: for 1 m2

hup disinfectant wipes with a system
No application errors

Structured and relaxed. This is next-level disinfection.

Disinfect safely, yet easily – with hup disinfection wipes. Large or medium-sized wipes are available already pre-soaked for immediate use or dry non-woven wipes, which can be doused with a ready-to-use, rapid-cleaning disinfection solution directly in the plastic pouch.


Are you still spraying or already disinfecting?

Cleaning plus rapid disinfection is indispensable, especially in the kitchen.


Surfaces and objects are hotbeds for pathogens, allowing them to inadvertently spread to food. 


Everyday life in the kitchen is hectic. All the more reason to make surface disinfection easier, more practical, safer and faster.

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All good things come in fours.
No matter which product you choose: you’re always doing the right thing.


Ready to use: medium-sized wipes for medium-sized areas and objects (≈ 1 m² per wipe) 

  • Resealable pack
  • Reliably easy to remove
  • Handy, versatile, usable anywhere
  • Moist non-woven wipes
  • Alcohol-based
  • yet gentle on materials
  • tear-resistant and lint-free
  • Easy to handle
  • Ready to use and time-saving
  • Works in just one minute.
  • Food-safe, no residues, no re-wiping needed

hygienicDES FORTE

Eco-friendly – also for awkward surfaces. Simply pour straight onto the surface.

  • Disinfectants certified for organic businesses
  • Simply pour straight onto the surface.
  • Spread with EU Ecolabel or FSC® paper from Hagleitner
  • Ready-to-use rapid disinfection for alcohol-resistant surfaces
  • Alcohol-based, yet gentle on surfaces
  • Food-safe, no residues, no re-wiping needed
  • Aldehyde and perfume-free
  • Tested to the latest EN standards
  • Apply to the surface and spread with the paper wipe.
  • Cleans and disinfects in one go.
  • Hand towel, industrial and cleaning paper with EU Ecolabel or FSC® seal

The right paper for you

  1. multiROLL XB2 with EU Ecolabel certificate for the paper towel dispenser
  2. mini roll H2 with FSC® certificate for the MINI dispenser
  3. midi roll H2 with FSC® certificate for the MIDI dispenser
  4. midi roll W2 with EU Ecolabel certificate for the MIDI dispenser
  5. midi roll N1 with EU Ecolabel certificate for the MIDI dispenser

hup DES FORTE XL roll

Ready to use: large wipes for large areas (≈ 2.5 m² per wipe)

  • For safe use with hup BOX, the airtight wipe dispenser system
  • Wall-mountable (hup WALL HOLDER)
  • Can be stored right where it’s needed.
  • All the advantages of the hup DES FORTE M
  • Extra thick for easy wiping
  • Disposable wipes make preparation unnecessary.
  • Plenty of liquid in the wipe, plenty of surface area covered
  • Contamination-free from the hup BOX from Hagleitner
  • One-hand removal
  • Airtight seal to prevent drying out

hup DRY XL roll

Flexible – for large areas. Pour-over dry non-woven wipes.

  • Either apply the disinfectant to the surface and spread it with the non-woven wipe or soak the non-woven wipe roll with disinfectant.
  • Both are ideal for dispensing the active ingredient.
  • No contamination form ambient germs
  • Large, tear-resistant and lint-free
  • Extra thick for easy wiping
  • Food-safe




For soaking and storing the non-woven wipes.

The hup BOX yellow.





We highly recommend the practical hup wall bracket.




Reliably certified with Hagleitner

Quality – made in Austria
All from a single source

The rapid-cleaning disinfectant solution is produced in Austria, which is where the wipes are soaked.

· Hagleitner Hygiene researches, develops and produces in Zell am See.
· The rapid-cleaning disinfectant solution comes from Hagleitner, who also manufactures and soaks the wipes on site – no additional transport routes, no additional CO2 emissions.
· Guaranteed delivery reliability
· Disinfectant wipes with a system: one active ingredient, four options.
· Developed in collaboration with experienced chefs

What Hagleitner offers


  • Excellent service
  • Professionally trained hygiene advisers
  • Sustainable hygiene solutions for the future
  • Always be one step ahead of the others with Hagleitner
  • Improving hygiene every day