Career with an apprenticeship at HAGLEITNER?
A good idea!

Are you interested in an apprenticeship with us? That’s great. Apprentices are more than welcome.

What we offer:

  • Practical training at the cutting edge in a highly modern environment
  • Getting to know different departments and areas of the company
  • Training by competent staff
  • Training of solution-oriented thinking and action
  • Collaboration on interesting projects in which you can contribute your own ideas


We provide training for your professional success.

And now it's time to get started. The school is over and you start off. We will train you to be a skilled and sought-after expert and put you into the ideal starting position for your career. Of course, you also have the option to complete the Berufsreifeprüfung. You are more than welcome in our friendly and helpful team. 


We offer the following apprenticeships:

Operating logistician

You want to know how all raw materials and our 600 different hygiene products come at the right time in the right amount from A to B and to our customers around the world?


Office manager

You want to know what the office life at HAGLEITNER looks like? How our marketing department works, which accrue daily tasks in accounting, how to work across departments in product management or how to respond to customer inquiries in telemarketing?


You want to know how to manage and operate the organization of an international company? Go through different departments and get to know different areas of responsibility, such as the secretary, in accounting, in the personnel office, purchasing department or in the warehouse.

Chemical Laboratory Technician

You want to know how we develop our own recipes for our soap or fragrance dispensers in our laboratory? How the quality control of raw materials is done or how physical measurements are carried out and evaluated?

Information technologist - computer science or engineering

You want to know what an IT office of a company with more than 900 employees is doing? How their PCs and laptops are installed, configured, tested and maintained? How to manage vast amounts of data and secure the data? How our own software is programmed?

Designer with a focus on tooling engineering or mechanical engineering

You want to know how an idea turns into a sellable product? How model images are created using a special software in the computer? How does a towel dispenser is being constructed starting with more than 150 individual parts? How we are planning tools and machinery, design and build them?

Mechatronic Technician

You want to know how to detect faults, defects and malfunctions of our robots and extremely heavy production equipment and fix them? How to assemble machinery and equipment, assemble and test all of it?

Plastics engineer

You want to know how to read technical drawings, planned operations and how removal robots are equipped and programmed? How all plastic parts are made for our dispensers in our operation in Zell am See?

You are willing to learn and are committed and curious?

A hands-on apprenticeship is important to you?

Do it with us. We support your personal and professional development. After the successful completion of your training, we integrate you as the new specialists in our company. We benefit from your skills and offer a secure job with career entrance opportunities.

That sounds interesting?

Then register for the professional practice days, so you get to know your dream job on the spot. For questions, our personnel department is always there for you under +43 5 0456 12206 or by email to