Occupational Skin Diseases: Annual Costs of More Than Five Billion Euros in Europe

Hans Georg Hagleitner, Subject: Portrait, Photographer: Werner Krug, Photo credit: Hagleitner/Krug, Location: Lunastraße 5, 5700 Zell am See, Austria

Skin protection at work, Subject: Feature, Photographer: Mathias Scheuringer, Photo credit: Hagleitner/Scheuringer, Location; Lunastraße 5, 5700 Zell am See, Austria

For the first time, an industrial hand care dispenser transmits online skin protection data standardly, including timely refill, Image credit: Hagleitner/APA-Auftragsgrafik

Online Skin Protection Data Expected to Provide Remedy

For the first time, a standard feature in an industrial hand care dispenser is providing online hand protection data, including timely refill

Zell am See (AT), July 16, 2021 – According to a dermatological study, Europe’s economies miss out on more than five billion euros per year owing to occupational skin diseases [1]. The losses could be avoided in large measure, states hygiene company Hagleitner. The firm presented a world first on July 16, 2021: an industrial hand and skin protection dispenser, the first of its kind to transmit device data standardly [2].

Production expected to overcome weaknesses

Hans Georg Hagleitner, business owner and CEO: “Those who want to do things better, have to know the facts: Do people apply barrier cream prior to working? Do they use hand cream after their workday’s last hand wash? How great is their willingness to do so? Device data help overcome weaknesses. Digital hand protection happens in real time, the dispenser informs about every activation. Creams and lotions remain available; before something runs out, it will be refilled.”

Awareness of skin care

Hagleitner adds: “The COVID-19 pandemic has shown: hand hygiene is important. Lotion should be applied especially after hand washing. Water and soap can lead to dry skin, which will require moisturizing and care in consequence. People have experienced this increasingly. Their awareness for skin care will remain, without excluding any area of life.” [3]

Official inspections

The new dispensers transmit real-time data about their individual consumption, fill level, and energy status; this data can be accessed live on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs; moreover, it features an archive function. Hans Georg Hagleitner: „The archive function will certainly help when it comes to official inspections; employers will have something on hand. This concerns many sectors: from contact-intensive services to heavy industry.”


[1] John, S. M. & Kezic, S. "Occupational skin diseases – Development and Implementation of European Standards on Prevention of Occupational Skin Diseases" in: Journal of The European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology 31:4 (2017), p. 3. DOI: 10.1111/jdv.14276

[2] The dispenser is called XIBU XL FLUID hybrid, and has been available since July 16, 2021.

[3] Hagleitner has published a survey on society’s hygiene awareness; it compares the years 2018 and 2020: hand washing has gained significance; in 2020, 18 % associated hygiene with hand washing, while in 2018 only 4 % did so.

About Hagleitner

Hagleitner creates hygiene: detergents, disinfectants, cosmetics – and all come with dispensers, dosing devices, and apps. The products originate at the company’s headquarters in Zell am See, Austria, where Hagleitner researches, develops, and manufactures. Other branches are distribution centers. Hagleitner operates 27 locations in twelve European countries. Partners distribute Hagleitner goods in another 63 countries worldwide.

Hagleitner directs its products and services at companies and public facilities, while the young brand hagi, launched on March 6, 2020, addresses end consumers.

Hagleitner has 1.240 employees.

The trading company Buls is a subsidiary, specialized in commercial cleaning products. Buls operates four branches with 49 employees in Austria.

From April 2019 to March 2020 (fiscal year), the Hagleitner group’s revenue totaled 136,5 million euros, the export share amounted to 47,2 percent.


Established in 1971, Hagleitner Hygiene is a family firm. Hans Georg Hagleitner undertook his father’s business activities in 1988 and has been running the company ever since. In 2021, his daughters Katharina and Stefanie hold key positions within the firm: Katharina manages trade with Italy, Stefanie is responsible for the product portfolio and the brand hagi.


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