Be embraced, 120 million

Hagleitner records 6.3% sales growth

(c) Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH

(c) Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH

(c) Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH

"The figures speak für themselves: Hagleitner continues to grow, purposefully and healthily. What the figures do not show, however: How this is possible. - Thank you to all of our employees."

Hans Georg Hagleitner

Zell am See/Kitzbühel (OTS) - A new fiscal year has started for Hagleitner Hygiene effective April 1. This is reason enough to take stock. However, Hagleitner doesn’t just do this in books - or press texts. The hygiene specialist gathers all of its salespeople year after year: to the salesMEETING.

Scene: Kitzbühel: 600 people traveled to the “Gamsstadt,” from 12 nations. All employees of Hagleitner - with one goal: the “K3 KitzKongress.” They cloistered themselves there for two days, from April 13-14. The moderator was Roland Dick, the company's Marketing chief. He ran a “clean program.” Dick came on stage by climbing out of a gondola, followed by company owner Hans Georg Hagleitner. In order to take the audience along to lofty sales heights.

Sales of EUR 120,489,000

  • In the past fiscal year, Hagleitner crossed the 120 million mark, with sales of EUR 120,489,000 from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 - 6.3% more than in the previous twelve months.
  • The top seller among more than 600 products is currently integral 2GO. With this system, Hagleitner makes itself tiny in order to come out huge: 2.6 l fit into a cartridge. But this amounts to 1,300 l of cleaning solution. Thanks to magnet-controlled dosing technology - directly on the wall, where water and electricity can be found.
  • Continuously increasing sales, that's what Hagleitner wants to do, also in the future. Today, the goal for 2025 is already set: 200 million - not less, but rather more.

Who wants to stay behind the Hahnenkamm with such information? Hans Georg Hagleitner: The figures speak for themselves: Hagleitner continues to grow, purposefully and heathily. What the figures do not show, however: How this is possible. - Thank you to all of our employees.

Furthermore, the salesMEETING 2018 produced these messages:

“Pure knowledge” - analog and digital

  • Hagleitner builds on “pure knowledge.” From Zell am See, where the hygiene specialist has its headquarters. This is where we research, develop, and produce. And our new “Academy” will also being built here - right next to the head office. In order to make the knowledge even more thorough: both to the inside and to the outside. Construction should be complete by 2019. At least here.
  • For construction is also underway elsewhere - for example in the IoT sector. At Hagleitner, this abbreviation currently means “Internet of Toilet.” That is, Hagleitner has developed intelligent dispensers. They exchange information with the cloud as they are ordered to do. From the rest room - when the soap is about to run out, for example. Or the toilet paper. But not just from there. In hospitals, the motto is: “Have you disinfected your hands?”; at the sickbed, in the hall, in the entrance hall - wherever hand hygiene is important.
  • But by 2020, all dispensers should meet in that cloud - like integral 2GO and components for laundry and kitchen.
  • Apropos kitchen: An innovation is in progress here. On May 15 in Amsterdam, Interclean, the world's largest cleaning trade show, will start. And then we’ll share the secret, directly at Hagleitner’s digital trade show booth. But we’ll share one thing now: It will be a global innovation.

The connecting link at Hagleitner is the people. Business comes from them. And this should be celebrated. At Rosi Schipflinger in the Sonnbergstube. The salesMEETING 2018 ended with singing – and fireworks. Brilliant.



Bernhard Peßenteiner
Press Relations Officer