FAQ - questions and answers.

Shower gel packets/complimentary soaps: The costs are too high for me. What are the alternatives?

We recommend the LUNA 2.0 showerMAID shower gel dispensers. You can install them in the shower or the washbasin. Through the consistent and economical output portion of the consumption limited to an amount really necessary. The contents of the LUNA 2.0 showerMAID shower gel dispenser are protected by an air-tight unit against contamination. It is water resistant and does not dry out in the one-season operation.


You save yourself the trouble with small shower gel packages that are either taken away by guests for use at home or are left half empty in the shower cabin. In addition, your guest benefits from much more comfort, because, for example, there is no annoying tearing with the teeth.

Can XIBU multiROLL sticks be recycled?

Of course, you can give your multiROLL rods from the handTUCH rolls and also from the toiletPAPER rolls to your HAGLEITNER delivery serviceman. We check them at our head office in Zell am See. They are then either recycled or sent to the recovery cycle.

Do you offer a rental service for XIBU dispenser systems?

No. Once you have our XIBU dispensers, you will not want to give them away anymore anyway.  Your investment in the dispenser pays for itself quickly through the significant savings in soap and paper consumption.

Why do only HAGLEITNER refills fit the XIBU dispenser?

This guarantees the long-term functionality of our dispensers. Also, the dispenser mechanism is designed to minimize waste – which is only feasible with our own refills.

The paper consumption in the public toilets of my operation is very high. What can I do?

We encourage you to upgrade to our consumption-friendly XIBU dispensing system. The XIBU touchTISSUEPAPER toilet paper dispenser and the XIBU touchTOWEL and XIBU senseTOWEL paper towel dispensers have a special mechanism that limits unnecessary paper consumption dramatically. In addition, any misuse or theft of paper is prevented.