FAQ - questions and answers.

What does the abbreviation NTA mean?

NTA is nitrilotriacetic. With NTA water is softened in detergents and cleaners. Since it is classified as harmful at a certain amount used, we do not use NTA in our green efficiency products.

What is EDTA?

EDTA is ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. It is used in detergents and cleaning agents to soften water. EDTA is poorly biodegradable in sewage treatment plants. It can dissolve toxic heavy metal salts from the sludge is then fed perhaps even into our drinking water. Therefore, we have never used EDTA in our products.

green efficiency, sustainable thinking ahead: What does this mean at all?

The kitchen hygiene of tomorrow - for clean dishes and a clean environment: This is the mantra and innovation of green efficiency. The renunciation of health and environmentally hazardous raw materials in the kitchen hygiene and sustainable products for efficient cleaning are at the heart of green efficiency - because we think ahead.

How can I ensure that my dishes will actually be disinfected?

Since the thermal disinfection by high wash and rinse temperatures is not always guaranteed, we recommend ecosol CLEAN DES  in combination with our innovative integral COMPACT dispenser. An independent institute has tested the disinfecting effect of ecosol CLEAN DES and confirmed the latter. The intelligent integral COMPACT dispensers make it possible to monitor all wash cycles without gaps. To ensure that all evidence for quality assurance in the kitchen can be performed easily and quickly. If arbitrarily selected limit values ​​are exceeded or fallen below, an alarm is triggered (depending on the customer visually or audibly). By that, errors or deviations can be detected quickly and monitored at any time.

What is the best way to clean my oven?

We recommend our highly effective cleaner grillBLITZ. Simply heat the oven to maximum 50 degrees Celsius and distribute the cleaning agent evenly. Let it rest and work its magic for ten minutes. Then clean the oven with a stainless-steel washable or sponge. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with water.

The grillBLITZ is working quite intensely. Therefore, you should test it on an inconspicuous area to see whether it attacks the material of the oven. Please do not contact the cleaner on aluminum. Wear protective gloves and eye protection during application. You can use the product on grill and cooking hobs.

My extractor hoods are very heavily soiled with grease. How do I get them clean again?

Apply RADIKALIN undiluted on a sponge and wipe down the surfaces. Rinse with water. For subsequent maintenance of stainless steel surfaces we recommend niroGLANZ. Please do not contact RADIKALIN with aluminum. More tips on how to remove stains and deposits are found in our stains guide.

My skin is irradiated by my washing detergent. What can I do?

We recommend that you either use rubber gloves or change the product. You can, for example, switch to our mild cleaner fox 3in1 or neutral ECO. It is important that you always use a hydrating cream like handCREAM or handPROTECT such that the skin stays smooth and it can regenerate more quickly.

What is a cleaning schedule and where can I get one?

A cleaning plan states how, when and with what products to clean different workplaces and areas and disinfect them. Such cleaning plans are required under the HACCP guidelines and must be displayed in every kitchen. 

Your hygiene consultants will be happy to develop an individual cleaning schedule with you. Are you interested? Then please contact your hygiene consultant.

Ask your hygiene consultant or contact  us!

How should I organize my kitchen staff in the field of hygiene?

You should periodically do HACCP personnel trainings with your staff. Our sales team is available to advise you. Cleaning plans, fact sheets and checklists help your staff recall proper hygiene measures and memorizing them.

Is niroGLANZ a cleaning or a care product for stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen?

This is a care product that contains valuable oils and prevents the area from getting dirty again. For cleaning we recommend, for example RADIKALIN, fox 3in1 or active ECO.