FAQ - questions and answers.

Why are special housekeeping-trainings so important?

Cleanliness and hygiene and thus a professional housekeeping are a must in all businesses, but especially in the hotels and restaurants. Well-trained housekeeping staff is therefore absolutely necessary.

Your benefit: higher operating efficiency, a dedicated team and happier customers.

Important topics: "How do I use detergents correctly and efficiently?", "Occupational safety and health - what needs to be considered in daily work?"

Information, tips and tricks, please see our housekeeping customer training.

What is HAGLEITNER's understanding of janitorial hygiene?

We subsume the hygienic cleaning and maintenance of surfaces indoors - meaning the typical tasks of housekeeping. These include the daily maintenance cleaning and disinfection as well as certain basic cleaning or care in bathrooms, floors, (tiled) walls, windows, furniture, objects and much more. We offer everything for housekeeping: a mop system, detergents, disinfectants, tools and cleaning utensils.

Does HAGLEITNER have a cleaner against lime stains on decorative stones?

If the decorative stones are lime-free, as for example other than marble or limestone, you can use perlGLANZ. For calcareous rocks, use hagodorPURE or hagodorLILAC.

What about the skin compatibility of your all-purpose cleaner? Do you have any skin-friendly all-purpose cleaners?

We have a product in the program that consists of very caring and mild raw materials: fox 3in1.

What is the two-bucket system and how do I use it properly?

Prepare two buckets with cleaning solution. Always clean and wring the used mop above the same bucket. Then dip it in the clean cleaning solution and wipe the floor. We have developed the mopTROLLEY START with the appropriate press specifically for this cleaning process.

Again and again, coffee is spilled on our carpets. How can we treat the stains quickly?

React immediately, as old, untreated coffee stains are only very hard to remove - if at all. Dab the fresh coffee stain with a paper towel. Caution: Do not rub very hard, otherwise the spot will become greater. Then spray with carpetSPRAY and dab with our blue microfiber cloth safety WIPE from outside to inside. rinse with clear water afterwards.