Touchless dispenser for toilet seat disinfection.

With the XIBU senseSEATCLEANER, your customers can be 100% sure that their toilet seat is clean. The touch-free dispenser dispenses a disinfectant and cleaning foam that customers apply to the toilet seat using toilet tissue. The special feature of our foam: It is not absorbed by the toilet paper but unfolds its full effect on the toilet seat. When distributing the foam, small bubbles burst and penetrate deep into the pores. The foam dries quickly and produces a long-lasting protective film. This keeps the toilet clean – an advantage for the visitors to your washroom and for you as its operator. Our touchless and economically operated toilet seat cleaner dispenser is also appealing due to its modern, attractive design. The basic version is available in white and black.

LED filling level indicator.

An easy-to-read LED traffic light system informs you how much foam is still in the dispenser. You can see immediately whether the built-in reserve tank is already active or whether the battery must be replaced.

Disinfection and cleaning.

The cleansing foam of the XIBU senseSEATCLEANER cleans and disinfects the toilet seat. Because customers can apply the toilet seat cleaner themselves, they feel secure about being in a hygienic environment.

Adjustable dispensing quantity.

You decide how much disinfectant and cleaning foam the dispenser gives. This simultaneously ensures maximum hygiene and economical operation.


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The cleaning and disinfecting foam for the XIBU senseSEATCLEANER is free of alcohol and is therefore very gentle on the materials. It dries quickly and leaves no residues.


Fast- disinfectant for cleaning

Cleans and disinfects the toilet seat.