Mechanical toilet paper dispenser.

This toilet paper dispenser can accommodate two rolls of toilet paper. After the first one has been used up, the second one drops down automatically. Two rolls of multiROLL toiletPAPER correspond to up to eight rolls of conventional toilet paper. Thus, the maintenance effort is reduced. The integrated paper brake ensures economical and easy sheet removal. The filling level of the XIBU TISSUEPAPER is clearly observable through the transparent cover.

Integrated paper brake.

An paper brake allows for the economical removal of the toilet paper sheets.

2-roll system.

The XIBU TISSUEPAPER can accommodate two rolls of toilet paper. Our mutiROLL papers are wound on a small plastic core with a capacity for up to four rolls of conventional toilet paper. Thus, only one dispenser offers a filling capacity equal to up to eight conventional toilet paper rolls.

Filling level indicator.

The transparent lid of the dispenser shows at a glance whether the second roll is already in use and whether your staff should refill the dispenser.


in consumption

for viewing the filling level

More individuality.

The XIBU TISSUEPAPER is part of our XIBU design line and comes in seven different decors. It blends into the design of each washroom and not only has an economical operating concept but is also appealingly stylish.


For the XIBU TISSUEPAPER, there are four different multiROLL toiletPAPER refills. No matter what the quality and number of plies you need, we have the perfect toilet paper for you.