Touchless foam soap dispenser.

The touchless foam soap dispenser XIBU senseFOAM is available in seven decors and is an eye-catcher in every washroom. It features user-friendly operation, a built-in reserve tank and an electronic filling level indicator. Matching foam soap refills can be exchanged without effort. The dispensed amount can be freely adjusted as needed. The dispenser can be opened only with the XIBU key – provides additional safety.

Touchless dispensing.
Easy to use.

It couldn't be easier! Just hold your hand below the soap dispenser and XIBU senseFOAM releases the pre-set amount of foam soap – touch free!

Never empty.
Built-in reserve tank.

Thanks to a reserve tank of foam soap, the dispenser still releases soap when the refill in the vacuumBAG is already empty.

Filling level indicator.
LED traffic light system.

Your cleaning team can recognize the filling status of the soap dispenser at a glance. An LED traffic light system indicates whether the vacuumBAG is already empty and the reserve tank is active.


in consumption

due to the sensor


You can choose between  four different refills for the XIBU senseFOAM. They range from disinfecting foam soap to a high-quality lather with or without fragrances. The practical and easily replaceable vacuumBAG ensures that the soap is completely used up and no remnants remains in the bag.