Electric air freshener.

Fresh fragrances highlight the cleanliness and orderliness of your business. The XIBU senseFRESHAIR dispenses the agreeable scents automatically and without any form of contact. It can be individually programmed. This will save energy and fragrance because the high-tech air freshener will only operate when it is actually needed. We offer the right fragrance mix for any environment – from warm and cozy to bright and lively. Of course, our fragrances contain no propellant.

Automatic dispensing.

Whether time-based and/or with a motion sensor: You determine when and how the XIBU senseFRESHAIR emits – completely touchless – its fragrance and provides long-lasting room freshness.

Low consumption.

You determine when and how intensely the XIBU senseFRESHAIR diffuses the fragrance into the room. This will save energy and fragrance because the automatic air freshener will only be in operation when you actually need it. You can mount it on the wall or use it with the appropriate base in any room. Power is supplied by batteries or a plug.

Large selection of fragrances.

The choice is yours. We offer a wide variety of fragrances. Which mood do you want to give to your rooms? Of course, all room fragrances come without propellant.


low energy consumption

due to the sensor


We offer a matching room fragrance for any desired mood. All eight fragrances come without propellant.