Dispenser for ladies hygiene bags.
XIBU sanitaryBAG

With the XIBU sanitaryBAG, visitors can dispose of their sanitary napkins and tampons in a simple and hygienic way.  The dispenser is operable with one hand and dispenses one plastic hygiene bag at a time. We offer the XIBU sanitaryBAG in a light or dark version.

Operable with one hand.

The XIBU sanitaryBAG is designed for quick and easy withdrawal. Your guests need only one hand for the removal of a hygiene bag.

Robust plastic.

Made of sturdy plastic, the dispenser can be easily cleaned and is reliable even in heavy usage environments.

No clogging.

With the XIBU sanitaryBAG you keep your washrooms clean and avoid clogging. No more sanitary napkins or tampons clogging your toilets.


The matching refill contains 60 hygiene bags. Therefore, frequent refills are usually not necessary.

ladies sanitaryBAG

Hygiene bags

Suitable for the XIBU sanitaryBAG dispenser.