Touchless foam dispenser for moistening dry toilet tissue.

40 percent of households use moist toilet paper. Thanks to the XIBU senseMOISTCARE, you can offer customers the feeling of home and set yourself apart from the competition. Visitors to your washrooms simply hold dry toilet tissue below the dispenser and it will release careMOUSSE without any contact.

The use of mousse is an entirely new concept. It is perceived as extremely pleasant and, because you can adjust the dispensing quantity yourself, refills can be used sparingly. An LED display indicates the filling level of careMOUSSE and the battery charge. The lockable foam dispenser is made of robust PE plastic and is splashproof.

Luxury just like at home.

40 percent of all households use moist toilet tissue. Offer your customers the same comforts they enjoy at home.

Economical dispensing.

The use of mousse (cleaning foam) guarantees extremely economical dispensing. With more than 500 operations per refill, the cleaning staff saves time and effort when maintaining the toilets.

The toilet stays clean.

Conventional moist toilet paper has serious disadvantages: When thrown into the toilet, it can cause clogging. When disposed of in a waste bin, unpleasant odors can arise. The toilet paper used with our careMOUSSE can be flushed like normal paper – the toilets will not be clogged.


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The foamy, soft careMOUSSE is formulated to the pH of the skin and dermatologically tested for allergies and skin irritations. Soothing ingredients like aloe vera create a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. A careMOUSSE refill in a vacuumBAG is enough for about 500 applications.


For moistening toilet tissue.

Soothing ingredients like aloe vera create a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.