Toilet seat disinfectant dispenser made of stainless steel.

Allow your customers to use the XIBU inoxSEATCLEANER for clean, disinfected toilet seats.  The touchless dispenser meets the highest standards of functionality and design. Optionally, it is also available with LED aura – a backlight that further highlights the polished stainless steel.

Without a trace.
Disinfecting foam.

The XIBU inoxSEATCLEANER allows washroom visitors to clean the toilet seat themselves. The dispenser releases a disinfectant and cleaning foam, which they can apply with a sheet of toilet paper. The foam is designed so that it is not absorbed by the paper and only takes effect on the toilet seat. The small bubbles burst when distributed and penetrate deep into the pores.

Simple and clean.

The dispenser delivers a pre-set quantity of disinfectant and cleaning foam without requiring touch: Your customers simply hold the toilet paper under the XIBU inoxSEATCLEANER. Through a foam generator, foaming takes place inside the device. A built-in reserve tank prevents visitors from encountering empty dispensers and allows your housekeeping staff more time before refilling.

Intelligent dispenser.
View dispenser data centrally.

The preinstalled senseMANAGEMENT enables you to centrally view and manage the dispenser filling levels and usage data. At a glance, you will be able to see which dispensers require refilling or a battery change. This ensures optimal tour planning for the cleaning staff and prevents empty dispensers.


low energy consumption

due to the sensor


Our cleaning foam disinfects rapidly, dries quickly, leaves no irritating residue and is low in consumption. It contains no alcohol and is therefore very gentle on the material. Our product is dermatologically tested and ÖGHMP and DGHM/VAH certified.


Cleaning and rapid-action disinfectant

Cleaning foam and rapid-action disinfectant for the toilet seat.