Waste container made of stainless steel.

More than a waste paper bin: Conventional clinical detergents cannot damage the polished stainless steel surface of XIBU inoxPAPERBOX. There is room in the lid for a second waste bag roll, which your cleaning team can deposit there as a refill. The LED level indicator shows whether a spare roll is present or a refill is needed. For an exclusive washroom environment, the luxurious waste container is also optionally available with LED backlighting.

Always clean.
No bacterial growth.

Germs cannot multiply on the polished stainless steel surface of the waste paper bin. In this way, you can even keep non-visible contamination under control – the dirt remains in the waste paper bin.

Durable and low-maintenance.

The high-quality workmanship makes this stainless steel waste paper bin particularly durable. Rough handling and even the usual cleaning agents at hospitals cannot damage this container. The waste bin is suitable for both in-wall and on-wall mounting.

Time saving.
Reserve compartment for bag supply.

While the cleaning staff on conventional wastebaskets run out of garbage bags during the tour and need additional time, the XIBU inoxPAPERBOX has a spare compartment. A second garbage bag roll can be stowed inside the lid. The LED filling level indicator informs your employees when a new roll is needed.


The garbage bags for the XIBU inoxPAPERBOX convince with a drawstring and 45 liters capacity.

garbageBAG XIBU 45 l

Garbage bag

45 l capacity and drawstring.