Soap dispenser made of stainless steel.

Elegantly styled appearance, perfect foam soap and a clear, flexible installation concept – the XIBU inoxFOAM is the perfect addition to any washroom and offers cleaning at its classiest.

Intelligent and forward-looking.

This stainless steel dispenser indicates when it needs a refill or new batteries. If there is only a small amount of soap left in the XIBU inoxFOAM, a reserve tank ensures that there is enough left over until the refill starts. Thanks to the pre-installed senseMANAGEMENT, the dispenser works perfectly without needing to be touched. The integrated cleaning button allows easy filling and cleaning of the device.

Determine the dispensing quantities yourself.

One vacuumBAG refill lasts for up to 2,000 portions of lather. You can easily set the delivery amount yourself and thus achieve an enormous range. The stainless steel case makes the soap dispenser indestructible.

Clean appearance.

The XIBU inoxFOAM impresses with many practical features and a luxurious design. You want it even more exclusive? Then we recommend the XIBU inoxFOAM with stylish LED light strip. You can adjust the color of the light individually with a control unit.


low energy consumption

due to the sensor


Our high-quality and high-yield foam soaps are available in different versions – from a gentle premium quality product to disinfecting soap for sensitive areas such as kitchens or health care businesses (listed according to DGHM/VAH and ÖGHMP).