Shower gel dispenser for hotel rooms.

This shower gel dispenser meets the highest standards of functionality and design. It comes with smart features, such as portioned dispensing for low consumption. We offer refills for all quality requirements.

Portioned delivery.

By dispensing portioned quantities, the dispenser ensures economical consumption. The level indicator in the form of the specially built-in viewing window lets your cleaning staff know at an early stage when refilling is required. The airtight unit of the dispenser protects against germs. Another plus: our shower gel dispenser is theft-proof.

For shower and sink.

You can mount the dispenser in both the shower and the sink. Thanks to different refills, the LUNA 2.0 showerMAID can be used for skin and hair washing, hand washing or as a hand cream and body lotion dispenser.


The high-quality shower gel for skin and hair washing is available in different fragrances. Invigorating, fresh or soothing fragrance compositions pamper your skin and hair. Dermatologically tested.