Designers & Planners.

We offer intensive consulting and project management for planners, architects and installers. This includes tender texts that are accessible online and an extensive selection of samples. Choose from a wide range of washroom facilities – from classy dispensers made of polished stainless steel to dispensers that fit into any washroom, given that we have seven different styles to choose from.

Our top product recommendations for you.



Professional hand hygiene

Cleaning, maintenance, disinfection and protection of the skin.



Taps with sensor

Economical water and energy consumption.



Paper towel dispenser made of stainless steel

The special one.

Advanced washroom dispensers.

Touchless dispensers.

We offer the XIBU washroom dispensers in a touchless version and a manual version. Both versions are available in various designs. This ensures a perfect fit for every washroom.

Luxury washroom dispensers

Washroom dispensers made of stainless steel

The XIBU inox washroom dispensers made of stainless steel make any washroom something special. They may be installed in-wall or on-wall. We would be happy to find an individual solution for you and adapt it to your circumstances. For the Kitz Galleria, for example, we integrated the dispenser into the mirror as a highlight.

Not right here? Here you will find our entire product range for a hygienic washroom:

Product Overview