Never empty
Dual-roll system

Toilet paper dispenser

Superior toilet paper qualities and automatic roll re-fill when the first roll is finished: this is equivalent to eight conventional rolls of toilet paper. This makes servicing quick and simple. Plus, it allows owners and users to feel reassured.

A toilet paper dispenser should be functional first and foremost and be able to dispense as much toilet paper as possible. Hagleitner meets both requirements – without any compromises. The housing boasts antistatic, impact-resistant ABS plastic on the one hand and the option of locking the dispenser on the other. This means that thieves or grubby fingers are off-limits. How much paper is there still in the dispenser? The dispenser can be visually checked without opening it.

Dual-roll system
never empty

When the current roll is empty, the second drops down automatically. At Hagleitner, refilling once means inserting two rolls instead of eight. This is because the narrow plastic core of the Hagleitner toilet paper roll holds four times more paper than the standard commercial equivalent.

Check fill level
at a glance

The transparent front reveals how much paper is still in the dispenser and when it is time to add a roll.

thanks to the XIBU key

If a toilet is publicly accessible, there is always the risk of theft, including toilet paper. This means that XIBU dispensers can only be opened with the special XIBU key.

second roll drops down

visible thanks to the transparent front

One filling equals eight conventional rolls

ABS plastic


The XIBU dispenser housing is made of antistatic, impact-resistant ABS plastic and is therefore particularly durable and dimensionally stable.

Unwinding brake


An integrated unwinding brake prevents excessive paper consumption.

1000 designs


The dispenser front panel is available in black or white. For side panels in a matt, uniform look, there are 213 RAL colours available. Alternatively, there are over 800 patterns – from leopard print to walnut wood, through to green marble and camouflage. Virtually any pattern imaginable is available.



At Hagleitner, filling the toilet paper dispenser means: inserting two rolls instead of eight.


Due to the narrow plastic core, four times more paper fits on a Hagleitner toilet paper roll than on conventional rolls.


Different paper grades are available, many of which have been awarded the EU Ecolabel.