Foam party

Foam soap dispenser
XIBU FOAM analog

The dispenser issues foam soap via a pressure mechanism and can be operated both with the fingers and with the elbow. The integrated reserve tank prevents product waste: If the refill has been used up, there is still enough time to install a new one.

2,000 doses
extremely long-lasting

One refill dispenses up to 2,000 portions of foam soap, depending on the dispensing quantity set, proving equally pleasurable for both gentle and rough hands.

refill in a flash

A design-oriented foam soap dispenser that is easy to service and refill. 30 years of experience in dispenser design and production ensures that every dispensing action looks simple.

Check fill level
at a glance

The XIBU FOAM analog has a viewing window onto the reserve tank. When the level here drops, it means: The refill has been used up and will soon need to be replaced with a new one.

never empty

Installing refills

Up to 2000 doses


in action

Operation is incredibly simple, the dispenser robust and from the user’s point of view: touch-free and yet hygienic.

Cleaning, disinfecting ...

or both?

Different refills are available for XIBU foam soap dispensers depending on the application and personal preference: from exceptionally mild and allergy-friendly to disinfecting for sensitive areas.

ABS plastic


The XIBU dispenser housing is made of antistatic, impact-resistant ABS plastic and is therefore particularly durable and dimensionally stable.


You can choose from high-quality foam soaps for every need: free of fragrance and colourant for sensitive hands, or disinfecting for sensitive areas such as kitchens and health facilities.

All products are dermatologically tested, free of parabens and allergenic substances.

Awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel. Our septDES series cleans and disinfects in one step and fully complies with the European Biocide Regulation.