cleans, moisturises, protects

Creme & data

"The hybrid cream dispenser is versatile: in addition to cream soap, hand cream and hand protection lotion, it also outputs data around the clock. A glance at a smartphone reveals when the product needs refilling, and how often the dispenser has already been used.

Dispensing is touchless, and exactly the right amount is output automatically. After hand washing with the high-quality cream soap – depending on the area of use – a nourishing hand cream or a protective lotion for highly stressed skin is available."

Soap, creme, skin protection

The extra portion of care for the hands: wash, cream and provide the skin with moisture and care substances.

95 % less waste
thanks to the vacuum

The patented vacuum bag from Hagleitner is 60 percent lighter than standard refills. As the contents of the vacuumBAG empty, the bag shrinks to about ten percent of its original volume. A standard waste container can hold over one million vacuumBAGs. As a result, up to 95 percent less waste is generated than with comparable products.

Three power options
Power supply, energyBOX, battery

The XIBU FLUID hybrid draws power either via a power supply, via energyBOX or via battery. The power pack connects the dispenser directly to the mains power supply. The energyBOX combines battery power, supplying the device with power for a longer period. The li-ion battery with integrated capacity display is rechargeable, making it very environmentally friendly.

Dispenser can only be opened with a XIBU key

never empty


Clearly labelled
Using the XIBU CAP

Both for users and for servicing, the XIBU CAP ensures one thing above all: Clarity. The label holder provides information on refilling (product name, application time, and other instructions for use).






The creamSOAP PREMIUM soap, which has been awarded the EU Ecolabel, produces a soft lather and effortlessly removes light to medium soiling.
It is moisturizing and pH skin neutral.