disinfectant and data

Hybrid hand sanitiser

Hagleitner dispenses safety: With this contactless hand sanitiser. Designed and manufactured in Austria, this dispenser guarantees hygienic and easy hand disinfection using certified products. With the XIBU CAP and CAP LABEL you can also provide full information on the content of the refill!

In addition to the highest standard of hygiene, the contactless XIBU DISINFECT hybrid offers a 100% airtight fluid line, a large reserve tank, adjustable dispensing and a high yield. The lid can be opened and locked conveniently from two sides (left, right): This provides additional safety and also protects against theft. 

Proven effective against the corona virus: With the right refills. septLIQUID SENSITIVE or septLIQUID PLUS.

Dispense safety

The highest level of hand disinfection. Here, technical sophistication and certified, effective disinfectants meet an ingenious dispenser design. Contactless and with a built-in reserve tank.

High yield
No surprises

The certified disinfectants are delivered by Hagleitner in airtight vacuumBAGS. These refills are economical, extremely easy to replace and have a 100% emptying rate. It could hardly be more efficient. Nor more environmentally friendly.

Less rubbish
Only a few micrometers thin and 21 grams light

The disinfection vacuumBAG is easy to change and when empty it is light as a feather: Only 21 grams have to be disposed of, packed in a plastic skin that is only a few micrometers thick.

Hospital grade


Hybrid means: Dispensing effective disinfectants and data. Whether the dispenser is wall-mounted or used as a mobile unit makes no difference. You decide whom, how and where you want to offer safety.

Easy servicing

And highly effective

The Hagleitner dispenser system features technology of the 21st century. This also includes maximum user-friendliness when servicing. Replacing the vacuumBAGS (the refills) is very easy and can be done in no time at all. 

Your power - Your flexibility

Three energy concepts to choose from

Powered directly by electricity (powerPACK ADAPTER hybrid), by rechargeable battery (rechargePOWER hybrid) or in an environmentally friendly manner via the energyBOX: Hagleitner offers three simple and safe energy concepts that enable you to operate your XIBU hybrid dispensers economically and efficiently.

Dispense data, know more. You decide.

Hybrid products dispense both hand disinfectant and data. Directly to the cloud. This allows you to determine simply and clearly when action really needs to be taken. Paired with Hagleitner senseMANAGEMENT, it becomes child's play to view delivery quantities and refill requirements directly online. This saves you time and but also provides safety: For you, your employees and for all those who visit your premises.

Hagleitner-360 app
Control of your washrooms

One look at the smartphone is enough to view your valuable dispenser data: information about fill levels, energy supply and service requirements.

Hagleitner-360 app

  • 25 percent less servicing effort
  • 30 percent more user satisfaction

Hagleitner hygiene portal
All your dispensers at a glance—our hygiene portal makes it possible!

Which of your dispensers needs attention? The Hagleitner hygiene portal displays your information—online and always up-to-date!
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Tested, effective and safe.