Waste container with automatic suction of bags

The XIBU PAPERBOX is everything but an ordinary waste bin. Your staff can store a second, reserve garbage bag in its lid. An LED filling level indicator shows whether a spare roll is present and whether the garbage bag needs to be replaced. But the best thing about the sensor waste bin is its capacity: After a garbage bag is inserted, it is automatically drawn to the inside walls of the XIBU PAPERBOX. This enables the waste bin to accept up to 40 percent more garbage and significantly increases the service intervals.

Impact-resistant plastic.

The housing of the XIBU PAPERBOX consists of durable plastic. Thus, it will remain intact for a long time, even if your washrooms are used with high frequency.

Automatic suction of bags.

After a garbage bag is inserted, it is automatically increased to its maximum volume by means of a vacuum. The available space increases by up to 40 percent.

Wall-mounted or freestanding?

You can either mount install the XIBU PAPERBOX on the wall or position it anywhere in the room (place it as a freestanding unit): The sensor waste bin will adapt to your premises.


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The garbageBAG XIBU 45 l with a practical drawstring and a 45-liters capacity is the perfect partner of XIBU PAPERBOX.

garbageBAG XIBU 45 l

Garbage bag

Garbage bag with a 45-liters capacity and drawstring.