XIBU hybrid

Simple. Smart. Always.

hybrid technology by Hagleitner
for hand sanitising, toilet seat disinfection, toilet paper, toilet paper moistening, foam soap, paper towels, skin protection and room scents

Since 2012, Hagleitner has made it possible to utilise dispenser data. Previously, you needed sophisticated network technology on site. From now on, things have become easier: The hybrid dispensers from Hagleitner send utilisation data directly to the smartphone. That's all it takes. This puts you in control and allows you to manage your hybrid dispensers sustainably and efficiently.

Whether filling level, consumption, energy status and service requirements—a hybrid dispenser will keep you up-to-date. Besides technology which is brand-new and one-of-a-kind, the new hybrid series has an inspiringly elegant design, discreet LED lights and over 1,000 design options. In this way you can customise your dispenser with an individual look.

Two different origins
Communicative and durable

Hagleitner equipped its dispensers with a hybrid function. This means that they not only provide hand sanitisers, toilet seat disinfection, toilet paper, toilet paper moistening, foam soap, paper towels, skin protection and room scent, but also utilisation data on request; the hybrid dispensers send this data to a cloud day around the clock by means of a smartphone. This makes our dispensers communicative. In addition, there is not only one hybrid dispenser, but an entire hybrid family. The high quality standards of Hagleitner result in high-quality and durable products that can withstand a lot. The cloud stores the dispenser information which means it can remember everything.

The dolphin

The dolphin is a very social and communicative animal, which is why it is rarely alone. A school of dolphins can contain up to 1,000 animals in areas with a lot of food.

The elephant

A memory like an elephant: Due to its high life expectancy and its living environment the elephant needs a good memory for its survival. For example, the pachyderm is able to locate watering holes in the vast savannah which it had visited many years before.

Dolphin + elephant = hybrid

hybrid dispensers

Hagleitner creates the future
Every detail is important

The hybrid dispenser technology by Hagleitner shows what is possible. A dispenser should work—perfectly. This is what matters most.

Every Hagleitner dispenser is handmade; a masterpiece. Our company is proud of this fact, as is every employee who builds them.

Elegant and functional. Dispenser for ...

Hand sanitising


hybrid technology

Only contactless dispensing can guarantee 100% safety. In addition, there is the certified and tested disinfection quality which also protects reliably against corona viruses.

Toilet seat disinfection*


hybrid and analogue technology

The ultimate in toilet hygiene. Disinfects and cleans the toilet seat while also reliably maintaining the value of your toilet with every use. Contactless dispensing for 100% safety. 

Toilet paper dispenser*


hybrid and analogue technology

Hygienic, safe and lockable. For two toilet paper rolls and up to 1,900 sheets of toilet paper. Maximum volume. Minimal maintenance.

Toilet paper moistening


hybrid technology

Silky-soft foam for a clean bottom. PH-neutral and no preservatives. Also suitable for delicate, clean and soft baby skin. Aloe vera protects. Environmentally friendly disposal.

Foam soap dispenser*


hybrid and analogue technology

Economical consumption: up to 2,000 uses per refill. The reserve tank and the 100% airtight fluid line provide safety; the silky-soft foam soap makes hand washing a pleasure.

Paper towel dispenser*


hybrid and analogue technology

Always ready to use. Contactless with sensor, as well as mechanical. If the sheet is pulled out manually, a generator starts up. This provides sufficient energy to transmit a radio signal. 

Skin protection


hybrid technology

Protecting, caring for or cleaning hands: The hybrid FLUID dispenser was developed for this purpose. It also has all the dispensing features of the hybrid series (adjustable dispensing, reserve tank, airtight fluid line, an auto stop and much more).

Room scent


hybrid technology

Always the right scent— individually adjustable. Program when, how and how often the dispenser should emit the scent, or have your Hagleitner hygiene consultant set it up for you. Choose from a total of eight different scents.



Industrial dispenser

For personal protective equipment (PPE): dispenses disinfection, skin care, skin protection and skin cleansing products. 

Dispensers marked with an asterisk* are available in both an automatic (hybrid) and a manual (analog) version.

XIBU analog

Toilet paper dispenser

Hygienic, safe and lockable. No monitoring. No power supply needed.


Paper towel dispenser

Manual operation. Sight window shows fill status. No power supply needed.


Foam soap dispenser

Manual operation. Sight window shows fill status. No power supply needed.

XIBU FOAM analog 

Toilet seat sanitiser

Manual operation. Sight window shows fill status. No power supply needed.


One dispenser, two worlds

hybrid means not only refilling, but also transmitting data. It's all about the filling level, consumption, energy status and service requirements. All dispenser data is stored exclusively in Europe and is well-protected by high-end encryption.

Elegant design

The shape is attractive, the surface alternates between matt and shiny, the logo is razor-sharp which all contribute to a very stylish look.

E for energy
You decide

Energy is provided in three ways: via mains, battery, or energyBOX. The energyBOX bundles battery power to allow 40,000 dispensing processes. It can then be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Dispensers that work

Hagleitner was founded in 1971. Half a century of experience in the field of hygiene guarantees satisfaction. The company has admirers in over one million washrooms.

Whether you are looking after thousands of guests or one single patient: You can rely on your dispenser. Be safe—in any place, at any time.

Dispenser data

Every dispenser counts
Facts lead to customer satisfaction

How much paper is left in the dispensers in the patient toilets? How often has the hand sanitiser in the entrance area been used today? Will the hand lotion dispenser in the ladies’ room need a new battery soon? When were the scent dispensers in the mens’ room on the third floor serviced last? 

All Hagleitner dispensers with hybrid technology can provide answers to these questions—around the clock. The data can be viewed on the smartphone, tablet and PC. 

Should the dispenser in the guest toilets dispense the towel paper quickly or slowly; manually or contactless? Should the LED flash or not?

And so hybrid dispensers not only transmit data, but also receive it: Dispenser can be set conveniently on the smartphone—using the XIBU app.

XIBU app
All dispensers in one hand

One look at the smartphone is enough to view the dispenser data: information regarding the filling level, consumption, energy status and service requirements. Dispensers in the house can be assigned to their respective locations to have an optimal overview.

The dispensers in the guest toilets should dispense the paper towels quickly; after all, they are heavily frequented. 

The dispensers in the retirement home should dispense three millilitres of hand disinfectant because this is a health-sensitive area.

Dispenser settings can be individually adjusted in the XIBU app, depending on the location and purpose of your dispensers. 

Hagleitner hygiene portal
Manage and order hygiene and retrieve information

Hagleitner consolidates digital tools for you online. This allows you to 

  • manage your hybrid dispensers via smartphone, tablet and PC,
  • order your hygiene products from home,
  • book company-relevant hygiene courses and
  • get information on current hygiene topics.

XIBU designer

Hagleitner selection

From an exclusive design company: 18 selected options are available—some are single-coloured, some have a pattern. 

  • Minimum order quantity: 20 pieces (equivalent to 20 dispensers)
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks



Choose from more than 210 RAL colours: from gaudy through pastel colours to inconspicuous. 

  • Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces (equivalent to 50 dispensers)
  • Delivery time: 4 weeks


With patterns

Water transfer printing makes it possible: whether leopard print, walnut wood, green marble or camouflage—there is hardly a pattern that does not exist. 

  • Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces (equivalent to 50 dispensers)
  • Delivery time: 4 weeks



Certified and ecological
For your sake and for the environment

Not only does Hagleitner develop and produce all dispensers at its headquarters in Zell am See (Austria). Whatever is put into the Hagleitner dispensers is also produced locally. The formulas are developed in the in-house laboratory, the disinfection and cosmetic products are produced in the in-house chemical plant. The high quality of the products is proven by many awards and certificates, including the EU Ecolabel, the Austrian eco-label, as well as dermatological certificates. The disinfectants from Hagleitner have been fully assessed and comply fully with the European biocide regulation.

Award-winning - Our refills
Hagleitner dispenses safety. That's also confirmed by the following quality marks

The vacuumBAG

A real flyweight

A vacuumBAG is 60 percent lighter than conventional soap refill containers. Its plastic skin is only a few micrometers thin and weighs only 21 grams.

Slender and slim

As the contents of a vacuumBAG empty, the bag shrinks to about ten percent of its original volume. A standard waste container can hold over one million vacuumBAGs. As a result, up to 95 percent less waste is generated than with comparable products.


Due to the patented vacuum technology, the contents can neither be contaminated with germs nor dry out. The Geneva Innovation Prize was awarded to the development of the vacuumBAG.


Refilling dispensers has never been easier. Thanks to colour and symbol coding, product mix-ups are a thing of the past.