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Cleanliness often becomes an issue if it is missing. Fresh and clean laundry is considered a prerequisite. If mistakes happen, however, they can have a great impact. In addition to the disinfection of laundry, tailor-made dosage systems for washing machines and both economic and efficient washing detergents are also of great importance. They will alleviate your staff's everyday work and keep your laundry clean. We support you with the adequate products.

Our product recommendations for hospitals and retirement and nursing homes:

Our product recommendations for medical practices and pharmacies:


Heavy-duty detergent

Disinfecting effect at 60 degrees Celsius.

havon INTEXO

Heavy-duty detergent

Highly concentrated liquid detergent for white cotton clothes.

Additional components for washing


Convincingly good

Fabric softeners, stain removers, bleaching products ans many more.

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