For a hygienically clean kitchen
– sustainable and safe

integral 4PURE/MIX
The choice is yours.

Dosing system for kitchen cleaning and disinfection.
With five highly concentrated products.

Food Safety

Cleaning agents and disinfectants are listed and certified. It's all about your hygiene standards.

Reduction of storage and transport volumes by up to 80 per cent

The cleaning agent is produced on site, the dosing device produces it directly there.  CO₂ emissions are reduced accordingly, as is plastic waste.

Digital = efficient
The work is more efficient than ever

What can be measured can be improved, which is why integral 4PURE/MIX can send digital data: Kitchen hygiene can be planned and documented.

Advantages of the system


Safe This cartridge provides protection; your concentrate is secured, with no risk of leaks even if the screw cap is removed.

Transparent You can always see the operating status at a glance, consumption values, refill cycles and service intervals can be evaluated around the clock.

Versatile Pure or mix. Filling bottles or a bucket? The choice is yours.

Cost-effective integral 4PURE/MIX dispenses with absolutely no fluctuations.

Upt to 47,5 kg less plastic
pro multiFILL cartidge
Up to 25 kg less CO₂
pro multiFILL cartridge

Hagleitner has been pursuing one philosophy for over 15 years: manufacturing concentrated products of the highest quality, reducing the transport of water to the absolute minimum and to protect the environment.

This is illustrated by the example of ecosol GREASE, a fat solvent: from a multiFILL cartridge with 1.3 litres, you can produce up to433 litres of finished application solution.

Translating this to 10 kilo canisters, this equates to 43 plastic canisters – or 866 plastic bottles (500 ml), which would have had to be produced, filled, transported, stored and disposed of.

All there is to know about greenovative

360° hygiene
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We want to support you - best of all with a 360° tour. This enables us to develop customised hygiene solutions for your business as well as to recommend what you truly need. That helps you make the best decisions.

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Hagleitner360 App
Control over keeping your building clean

HsM Web Portal
All data – always available, anywhere

scanME app
Available 24/7 - Your digital hygiene consultant

Easiest possible operation



Cartridge lock


Menu key


Bottle or large container filling


Dosage strength


Dispensing quantity


Fill level of the multiFILL cartridge


Select dispensing quantity/menu navigation


Start button for large container filling


Network and Bluetooth connections

integral 4PURE/MIX

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