Three fully comprehensive cleaning systems
i.h.s. system

Three systems offer perfect hygiene without risk of infection in the future. In addition, they score with lower costs and
considerable time savings when cleaning the floors and the inventory.

  • The integral 2GO HsM system guarantees that the cleaning agents and disinfectants are used in the correct dosage.
  • The Hagleitner laundry system ensures that cleaning utensils, for example safetyWIPES and safetyMOP leave the washing machine disinfected and absorbent.
  • And the new safetyMOP system with specially developed cleaning supplies and cleaning products ensures that there is no germ transmission resulting from the one-step wiping.


integral 2GO HsM

sanitary 2GO

Sanitary cleaner

For daily maintenance cleaning.

active 2GO

Kitchen cleaners

For everyday maintenance cleaning.

sanitaryDES 2GO

Disinfecting sanitary cleaner

The product cleans, removes limescale and disinfects in just one step.

allround 2GO

Glass and multi-purpose cleaner

Ideal for cleaning all shiny and smooth surface.

power 2GO

Floor care cleane

Tenside-free, for safety tiles in kitchen, spa and sanitary areas.

floorstar 2GO

Floor care cleaner

Quick-drying and high dirt-dissolving power.

hygienicDES 2GO

Disinfectant surface cleaner

Ideal for delicate surfaces.

Hagleitner laundry system

havon DES 60

Heavy-duty detergent

Disinfectant heavy-duty detergent with 60°.