Disinfecting the right way - hygiene that you can rely on


Pathogens are a big risk for your business. If bacteria and viruses spread in an uncontrolled fashion, severe consequences for you, your house and your guests can arise.

We have the right products for disinfection and care for safety. Our disinfectants comply with the biocide prescript 852/2012 and are thus in line with the latest developments. Well thought through, multifunctional products are our advantage and your benefit. We know the needs of our partners.



Hand disinfectant dispensers



Hybrid hand sanitiser

The highest level of hand disinfection. Contactless and with a built-in reserve tank.

Hand disinfectants

Surface disinfection

There are many different surfaces that need to be disinfected in order to break the chain of infection. We offer the right product for every kind of application and material.

Disinfectant sanitary cleaner

Dish disinfectant

Conventional cleaners and dishwashing temperatures are usually not enough to get dishes hygienically clean. Often, the purge time is too short or materials such as plastic or glass to be cleaned, which does not reach the necessary temperature. In order to prevent bacteria in the machine, we have developed special disinfection products: These are applied directly in the dishwasher and protect highly effectively against the transmission of germs.

ecosol ECO DES

Dish sanitizers

Exerts its effect at low temperatures.*

ecosol CLEAN DES

Dish disinfection

Dish disinfectant with high bactericidal effect.

ecosol DES TABS

Dishwasher tabs with disinfecting effect

High-performance multi-phase tabs for cleaning and disinfecting dishes and glasses in household dishwashers.

Laundry disinfectant

Laundry is often in direct contact with the body and skin. Germs in the laundry must be strictly avoided. There are two ways to counter them, but only one solution is effective: You either wash the laundry at a high temperature and for a long time or you smoothly wash the laundry at low temperatures disinfecting the latter. You have the choice - we have the products.

havon T7

Disinfectant detergent

A completely new type of laundry disinfection.

havon DES 60

Heavy-duty detergent

Disinfectend heavy-duty detergent with 60°.


Heavy-duty detergent

Powdery detergent for hygienic requirements.

havon DES 40

Heavy-duty detergent

Disinfectend heavy-duty detergent with 40°.