Social center mitanond Kundl-Breitenbach
Following areas have been equipped by us: washroom / kitchen / objectHYGIENE

In the object HYGIENE one trusts on the i.h.s. System. The advantages: Perfect hygiene when cleaning floors and inventory, low cleaning costs and an enormous saving of time.

The social center mitanond is a joint project of the communities Kundl and Breitenbach in the district of Kufstein in Tyrol. It opened in 2015 and has since become an important meeting place in the heart of Kundl. In the social center are the nursing home, the health and social care (day care, home nursing, home help, food on wheels) and the Physiotherapeutic Institute. Furthermore, there is a library, a cafeteria, a spa and a hairdressing salon in the house.



The community of Kundl and HAGLEITNER have been looking back on a good cooperation for 20 years. This was one of the reasons why HAGLEITNER's innovative sanitation solutions were chosen for the construction of the new social center. Another reason was that HAGLEITNER is a complete provider in the field of hygiene - no matter whether it is a washroom dispenser, dosing systems, cleaning carts and utensils or chemical products, everything is offered in top quality here. The ih. System finally gave the decisive impulse for the decision in favor of HAGLEITNER. In the sensitive area of ​​health & care, a system that guarantees perfect hygiene without risk of infection is needed. The ih. System is a closed system cycle and excludes failures. It begins with the mixing of the application solution for cleaning and disinfection, goes through the cleaning process itself and concludes with a disinfecting wash of cleaning cloths and mops.



i.h.s. System in the social center "mitanond" - mixing of the application solution: On each floor, there is a room for mixing the application solutions for janitorialHYGIENE. The desired cleaning concentrate is mixed to a cleaning solution via the integral MIX dispenser. Mops and cleaning cloths are soaked overnight in the cleaning solution in the storage box (safetyBOX for safetyMOPs and safetyBOX SMALL for safetyWIPES) before they are used.


i.h.s. System in the social center mitanond - single-stage wiping process: Each single prepared safetyMOP and color-coded cleaning safetyWIPE are used for one wipe only. There are no more buckets and presses to be carried along, the set-up time is reduced. Microbial transmission via cleaning textiles is prevented thanks to this wiping process.


i.h.s. System in the social center mitanond - hygienic washing of cleaning textiles: The laundry was specially designed for the i.h.s. System set up. All cleaning textiles - including those that are used in institutions (municipal office, elementary and secondary school, kindergarten, ice rink, social center) of the municipality Kundl - are washed here. 2 washing machines are in operation daily and are supplied with detergent via the dosing system havon CONTROL. The havon PROFESSIONAL system guarantees that the cleaning textiles get disinfected and exit the washing machine absorbential.


HAGLEITNER products can not only be found in the social center in the area of ObjektHYGIENE. A total of 40 washrooms were equipped with dispensers from HAGLEITNER. A consistent design throughout the house, ease of use, hygiene, functionality and cost-effectiveness were the reasons why they chose the washroom dispensers of the XIBU line. Caretaker, Klaus Sieberer commends the work of the suppliers and technicians during the assembly of the dispensers:

"When the social center was completed, over 120 dispensers had to be installed within a very short periode of time. That was no problem for the suppliers and fitters. That speaks for a great service. "


A hood dishwasher is in operation in the kitchen of the social center, which is supplied with the solid, highly concentrated dishwashing detergent ecosol CLEAN WS and the neutral gloss dryer ecosol BRITE N via the integral COMPACT dosing system. The kitchen staff uses fox ANTIBAC, an antibacterial hand dishwashing detergent for manual dishwashing [Note, fox ANTIBAC has been replaced by fox 3in1]. The hand dishwashing liquid prevents germ multiplication in the rinsing area and is also gentle on the skin. In addition to washing dishes, fox ANTIBAC is also used via the easy2MIX cleaning and disinfection station: the floors are cleaned with fox ANTIBAC and then disinfected with hygienic3000.


The nursing home in the social center consists of 4 resident groups, each with 14 residents. In each group there is a kitchen, a seating area and a terrace. The kitchens are equipped with soap, hand disinfectant and paper towel dispensers. The dishwashers are filled via the ecosol PROFESSIONAL system with the liquid glassware and dishwashing detergent ecosol PLUS. In addition, the gloss dryer ecosol SHINE GL and the ecosol REGENERIERSALZ are dosed manually.


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The havon PROFESSIONAL system guarantees that the cleaning textiles leave the washing machine disinfected and with high suction power. In addition to the need for safety and hygiene in the washing of cleaning textiles were other deciding factors in the havon PROFESSIONAL system: The ease of use and the amount of laundry, which is washed here daily. "We have 8 cleaning specialists doing the laundry by the way. The havon PROFESSIONAL system helps us to make that possible, "says Klaus Sieberer, caretaker at the social center.

Hygiene advisor Hubert Sanoll and janitor Klaus Sieberer

XIBU sense Waschraumspender

Touch-less washroom dispensers for clean and disinfected hands.


Dosing system for the hygienic washing of cleaning textiles