We have equipped the following areas: Washroom-/kitchen-/laundry-/ and building hygene.

Unique design, high-quality material and technical functionality - The washroom dispensers made of stainless steel with green LED backlighting reflect the corporate concept of the PURADIES.

The 4-star luxury resort PURADIES is located on a sunny plateau in Leogang (Salzburg), surrounded by a pristine Alpine backdrop. On 500,000 m², a feel-good area has emerged in recent years, which has no equal. The project was and is being implemented with the architecture firm BMP-Architektur aus Saalfelden.

The Embachhof, which has been offering holiday rooms for connoisseurs for more than 50 years, is part of the heart of the PURADIES wellness world. The new rooms and suites impress with the perfect balance of old tradition, new technology and carefree naturalness. The main building also houses the Bar & Lounge "FREIRAUM", which won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 in the category "Interior Design". 16,000 custom-made oak cubes were combined here to create an artfully curved seating landscape.

Seclusion with 4-star comfort get guests in the exclusive chalet village. The Badhaus "Innere Mitte" offers with its "Heaven SPA" and a 360 ° - view to the sky, highest wellness pleasure according to alpine tradition.



"We have been a HAGLEITNER customer for 25 years, so it was obvious that we would stay with our trusted supplier. The products are innovative and the dispensers have impressed with their design and feel, " says Mag. Michael Madreiter.



"The large product range offers us the advantage that we do not need so many different suppliers." (Mag. Michael Madreiter)

The public washrooms in the PURADIES are equipped with green-backlit soap, paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers in stainless steel. "The stainless steel dispensers are very attractive in design. The quality is good, the feel is right and the guests take it well, "says Mag. Michael Madreiter.

In the kitchen, the dishwashing and glass rinsing units are supplied with appropriate cleaners via the high-tech dosing systems integral COMPACT (for solid dishwashing detergents) and integral FLUID (for liquid dishwashing detergents and glossy dryers).

For washing laundry, the establishment relies on the automatic havon PROFESSION dosing system. It efficiently and economically supplies three laundry machines with exactly the right quantity of detergent at the right time. In a resort like the PURADIES, where ⅓ of the laundry is washed in-house, this saves time and money.

Housekeeping efficiency is achieved through the integral MIX automatic filling system and the ergonomic safetyTROLLEY cleaning trolleys.



In the PURADIES one deliberately focuses on a few materials, colors and the play with forms, with light and shadow. The XIBU inox washroom dispensers fit exactly into this concept. They look elegant and are very well received by the guests. With the green inoxAURA (LED strip light) they fit into the corporate identity of this 4-star luxury resort.

Architect Franz (le.) and Christoph Piffer (re.) with host Michael Madreiter



Dosing system for detergent


Cleaning trolley for the floor supply

XIBU inox Spender

Washroom dispenser made of stainless steel