Following areas are equipped: washroom-/kitchenHYGIENE

64 hotel rooms and the swimming pool area were equipped with the LUNA 2.0 showerMAID shower gel dispensers and 6 washrooms with non-contact washroom dispensers in various decors.

The AURA-HOTEL is located in the middle of the Ammergauer Alps in the idyllic Saulgrub resort. The cure- and center of encounter is targeting the recovery of its guests. Here one responds to the needs of blind and visually impaired people. We are happy to have the AURA-HOTEL as one of our clients and to be allowed to support them to reach their target to offer their guests a maximum of well-being and safety.



In spring 2015 a hygiene-pilot project was started in the public toilets near the main entrance. This project was so successful that the decision was made to place the dispenser systems of HAGLEITNER also in hotel romms and at the restaurant entrance besides the main entrance.

The dispensers are easy to handle, easy to recognize and ensure a maximumg of hygiene. They are drip-free and caused by the airtight delivery way germs may not infiltrate.



XIBU foam soap- and paper towel dispensers have been installed in the public sanitary facilities. The contactless dispensers allow a comfortable handling and ensure maximal hygiene. Additionally the toilet area has been equipped with appropriate toilet paper- and sanitary bag dispensers as well as with dustbins. The XIBU senseFRESHAIR fragrance dispenser creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The LUNA 2.0 showerMAID soap and shower gel dispensers are installed in the cure- and hotel area. These dispense a pleasantly scented lotion for the skin and hair wash. Both personal care products are dermatologically tested. In addition, dispensers for facial tissues, sanitary  bags and toilet paper have been mounted in the bathrooms. The comfortable and easy handling corresponds to the modern hygiene standard.

The decors of the dispensers have been adapted to the needs of visually impaired people. Decors in steel, tech or black form creat a clear contrast to the white tiles and are easier to recognize.

Touch-free disinfection dispenser in the restaurant area ensure a Maximum of safety and hygiene.

In the kitchen HYGIENE, the cleaning and disinfection station easy2MIX and the fully automatic dosing system integral COMPACT for dishwashing detergents are used.


wide range

dermatologically tested personal care products

dispenser and products



You can find the LUNA 2.0 showerMAID dispensers in the hotel bathrooms. Next to the washbasin they serve as soap dispensers and dispense liquid hand soap. It smells subtly of rose and magnolia. In the shower, the dispenser deliver pleasantly scented shower Lotion for hair and body wash. The dispenser system is alright and so protects against is thus protected against germ-contamination.

LUNA 2.0 showerMAID steel

Soap- and shower gel dispenser

XIBU senseFOAM tech w

Touch-free foam soap dispenser

XIBU sanitaryBAG dL

Sanitary bag dispenser