A brilliant worldwide innovation - with a bright future

Hagleitner at the Interclean Amsterdam 2018

May 15–18, 2018, Interclean Amsterdam - Hall 5, Booth 223–323:

The booth walls are alive with bold digital images of the hygiene of tomorrow. Of Hagleitner’s vision. The motto:



On the essentials

For washing and refilling dispensers,

For wiping - on the smartphone, the floor and more.”


For Hagleitner, this is right arena in which to present a worldwide innovation:


integral 4PLUS

How much cleaner do you need to wash 1500 baskets full of pots, pans, plates, knives, forks, spoons - and glasses? 4 kg. That’s how much one cartridge of ecosol POWER weighs. Highly precise dosing equipment takes care of the rest: on the table, under the table - wherever there is space. There is no need for the operator to touch the dishwasher electronics. For with integral 4PLUS, the cleaner and water come together in the right proportions. All it takes is a little technical know-how - and the device is ready for operation.

And integral 4PLUS remains ready for operation: For an app controls the scullery: Is service required? The app notifies you. Is the cleaner about to run out? Or the desalination? The app sounds the alarm - and helps you reorder. Is something not being cleaned properly? The app knows what to do. And it can do even more: It can give you an overview: How many dishes are being washed? How much chemistry is needed? How much water is flowing? How much energy is being consumed? Compare one time period with another: The comparison pays off - and helps you design the future efficiently.


The integral 4PLUS will be coming onto the market in October 2018. What is already on the market today? The integral 2GO, for example, or the senseMANAGEMENT:


integral 2GO

How much cleaner is needed to clean 108,333 square meters of floor surface? 2.6 l. That is how much an integral 2GO cartridge contains. The rest is accomplished by high-precision dosing equipment - directly on the wall, where it taps into the water and power supply. Simply position a bottle at the dispensing tap, push up, and the ready-mixed solution flows into the container. Or use a hose to fill a larger container, such as a bucket or a cleaning machine.

Hagleitner calls it the most precise dosing device in its class. integral 2GO makes up to 1300 l of finished cleaning solution from 2.6 l of cleaner. It does so thanks to a special magnet-controlled pump that mixes chemicals and water precisely - regardless of the water pressure, viscosity, and temperature.

Thus, concentration means: fewer transports, less CO2, and more space in the warehouse. With integral 2GO, six different cleaners cover the needs in all areas of housekeeping.



Concentration means: looking at the essentials and maintaining an overview, An overview of your own hygiene dispensers, for example: How much paper does this one have? And how much soap does that one have? senseMANAGEMENT has been keeping track of these things since 2014.

With senseMANAGEMENT, Hagleitner has given its dispensers a brain. A cloud brain. This is where they network their operating status, securely and encrypted, ensuring that neither soap nor paper runs out. A short glance at a smartphone is all it takes - and you have all the information you need about fill levels, quantities dispensed, and activation figures. In real time.

This is IoT: Internet of Toilet? Not only that:

For studies show: Approximately 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by hands. That's why it's so important to heed compliance in hand hygiene. And senseMANAGEMENT makes this easy to document: When did disinfection happen? Where did disinfection happen? How often? How much disinfectant was used in each case?


On May 16, the Healthcare Cleaning Forum was held at the Interclean for the first time. Co-initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO). And who else was there? Hagleitner. Working for more patient safety.

For in the end, concentrating on the essentials also means paying attention to health.




Bernhard Peßenteiner

Press Relations Officer